Harvest 2015 – Hops from the Valley!

We recently had our hops harvest at Black River Hops and had a great turnout of Ottawa folks to help with the event.

To celebrate the harvest we served up a great meal with the food purchased and grown locally. We sourced fresh produce from neighbouring Three Hill Farm – thanks to Jonathan for the delivery!

We also served up the main course, consisting of delicious meatpies, lasagna and pizza, as well as desserts from Waltham’s Country Sweets and Bakery.

We even had some craft beer made with cascade hops from… you guessed it: Black River Hops and brewed by our good friend Wayne from Brewit.ca.

Thanks to everyone for making the harvest a success!

Welcome to Black River Hops

Established 2013

Our hops are grown in the Ottawa Valley, using organic agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods to bring one of the best key ingredients to Ottawa brewers and #613beer.

We’ve learned a lot along the way from our friends over at Bristol Hops.  Check them out for more locally grown hops.